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The 10 best holiday destinations for your dog based on their breed


There’s a reason we call them ‘man’s best friend’ – everyone loves to have their dog by their side. Leaving your pup in kennels while you go on your holidays is heart-breaking; but with our dog-friendly accommodation, you don’t have to. Each type of dog is unique, so we’ve sniffed out the best holiday destinations in the UK for your dog based on their breed.

German Shepherd

Destination: Pease Bay, Berwickshire

These naturally athletic dogs are known for loving water and being strong swimmers. So, what better destination than a leisure park with the beach on your doorstep? The quiet cove at Pease Bay is ideal for off-leash paddling or a surf session with your pup. Plus, this beach is known for its breathtaking sunset and sunrise views, perfect for taking snaps of your beloved pet on the sand.

We have a number of dog-friendly caravans and lodges at Pease Bay Leisure Park, including our fantastic Doggy Lodge which is specially designed for your furry friend.

Golden Retriever

Destination: Scoutscroft, Berwickshire

With water-repellent coats, this popular breed has no problem splashing around in the sea. As an active breed, Scoutscroft Leisure Park is the ideal choice for them because Coldingham Bay beach is just a short walk away. They’ll surely love both the walk down to the beach as well as running wild across the sand.

When staying at Scoutscroft Leisure Park, you can also grab a bite to eat and a drink for both you and your dog at Crofters, which is now pet-friendly.


Destination: Riverside, Northumberland

The adorable doxie has little legs that can tire easily when swimming, so it’s best to keep them away from the beach. Instead, opt for a woodland retreat at our Riverside Leisure Park. Dachshunds love to run, dig, and be the centre of attention. With a relatively flat terrain, this area means your pup won’t have to jump from great heights. As well, they’ll surely love the attention from all the families who visit Riverside Leisure Park for its entertainment programme.

Border Collie

Destination: Heather View, County Durham

Border Collies love long walks so much that they might get into mischief if they don’t get their fix of exercise. Never fear though, the Durham Dales are home to endless walking routes for you and your pup, so you’ll never run out of opportunities to keep moving. Plus, this breed is known for being obedient and sticking by your side while walking, so it’s a great chance for some bonding time with your furry friend.

If you and your dog thrive amongst nature, Heather View Leisure Park is the ideal destination for you.


Destination: Cleavewood, North Devon

Just a 5-minute drive away from the award-winning Woolacombe Beach, Cleavewood Leisure Park is your and your pup’s coastal dream. Labradors absolutely love the water, so will no doubt be thrilled at the opportunity for a swim in the North Devon Sea. They also enjoy attention from both humans and other dogs, so are unlikely to be fazed by potential crowds during peak times.

Cleavewood Leisure Park offers a quiet retreat with the added benefits of an action-packed getaway at sister park, Golden Coast Leisure Park. After a day of splashing at the beach, you can relax in your dog-friendly caravan.


Destination: Golden Coast, North Devon

This popular breed is known for being a great companion for children. So, if you’re bringing the whole family away, there’s no need to compromise. Sociable with moderate energy levels, your Cockapoo will enjoy running across the nearby beaches whilst your little ones build sandcastles. Then, you can all enjoy freshly prepared food and drink in The Old Mill Pub and Harry’s Bar, which are both dog-friendly all day long.

Choose from apartments, houses, or villas at Golden Coast Leisure Park. Check out walks in North Devon here.

Cocker Spaniel

Destination: Erigmore, Perthshire

Erigmore Leisure Park is a rural getaway in the heart of the Central Scottish woodland. This means it’s perfect for Cocker Spaniels who love to be outdoors but need somewhere safe and secure to run around. They’re also known to suit city living just as well as the countryside, so if you fancy a trip to Edinburgh (which is under an hour’s drive away), your four-legged friend will surely love the adventure.

Why not stay in our comfortable, dog-friendly Erigmore Spa Cottage? Let your pup explore the enclosed decking area with no worries as you relax in your own private hot tub after a day of walking.


Destination: Viewfield Manor, Ayrshire

There are plenty of walks in Ayrshire to try out with your Greyhound, who is known for loving exercise and reaching unbelievable speeds. Their love of relaxation also means that they’d be suited to a quieter area – Viewfield Manor is slightly smaller than our other parks, so is the perfect place for your pup to chill out after a long walk.

Springer Spaniel

Destination: Queensberry Bay, Dumfriesshire

Affectionate and energetic, spaniels can’t resist a dip in the sea and a run across the sand. At Queensberry Bay, Powfoot Beach is right in front of you, so you can use the beautiful beach with your pup as you please. This quiet park is especially ideal for couples travelling with their dog – you can spend quality time with the ones you love amongst the peace and quiet.

As well, there are plenty of hikes and walks in Dumfriesshire to try out with your Springer Spaniel.

Jack Russell

Destination: Coldingham Bay, Berwickshire

These curious little pups love to explore, so a getaway near the beach is just perfect. As ‘worker’ dogs, they will be in their element while digging in the sand and making friends with other pups on the beach. While you’re here, make sure you check out the many walks that are close to Coldingham Bay Leisure Park.

Our four-legged friends deserve a holiday just as much as we do. Whether they love the water or prefer to stay on dry land, to socialise or prefer to keep to themselves, there’s a Verdant Leisure Park for them. Explore our parks across the UK and discover your next dog-friendly holiday.

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