Your dog is as much a part of your family as any human is. We know that as much as the next person! Which is why we offer pet friendly holiday accommodation at all of our holiday parks in Scotland and Northern England. Not only that, we have miles of space for you to walk your pet, and are close to many beaches and dog friendly attractions for you all to enjoy.  These are all things to be considered when looking for your pet friendly holiday.

Keep the whole family happy

Whether you are looking for a cosy caravan or a luxury lodge, you want the whole family to enjoy it. Whether your family is just you and your dog, or you have other humans to consider as well, you need to find the ideal space for everyone. Pet friendly caravans and lodges should be provided clean and up to spec. They should come with ample space to store your items including dog beds. Outside space for you to sit and enjoy the fresh air is a good idea. Plus, enclosed decking areas will be a huge benefit for the whole family’s comfort.

Check the local walking routes or nearby beaches

Dogs may get restless when they are cooped up for any length of time. We recommend that you check the local area for walking routes, or beaches that are sure to be enjoyed by all. Ideally there will be places within a short drive. This will help you to let your pooch off its lead and run free should this be what they are used to. Always double check the local area rules about dogs though. There may be rules when it comes to summer seasons on beaches and taking dogs off leads.

Treat your dog to its own space

Why not look for accommodation tailored specifically to your dogs needs and treat them? Accommodation such as our doggy lodges, which come with a dedicated dog bedroom, treats, leads and more, will be the ideal treat and they even offer dog themed décor that most dog owners will love! Treating your dog to its own space will help them settle out of their usual environment.

Travelling with your dog

Travelling with your dog can be an experience in itself, which is why we came up with 12 tips for travelling with your dog here. Check it out before you travel and see how you can keep your dog safe and happy.

With all these things in mind, you will be ready to embark on your pet friendly holiday adventure!