On holiday at Pease Bay – an inside look


When you think of a beach holiday, what do you imagine? Your feet buried in the sand, the sound of waves crashing against each other with the whistle of the wind in your ear? Being on holiday at Pease Bay can offer you just that and more. 


Verdant Leisure offers fantastic experiences, not just for our customers but for our team too. Living in these challenging times people need to escape the busy stresses of everyday life and retreat to a place where only that moment, there and then, matters. 


William from Head Office recently visited Pease Bay Leisure Park for a short break. Upon arrival, the Pease Bay team were nothing but helpful and friendly and after a long drive it was quick and easy to get settled into the accommodation, plan out the evening and enjoy some food at the Smugglers Bar. Enjoying some pepperoni pizza and a few drinks was the perfect end to a long day. The service was excellent with a friendly team who are more than happy to chat at a moment’s notice.



One of the highlights of staying at a Verdant Leisure park on the Scottish coastline is the ease of access to tons of local area attractions. The big one being Edinburgh, only a 40 minute drive from Pease Bay, so you have the opportunity to visit one of the most stunning cities in Scotland. 


Edinburgh Castle is one of the attractions that people flock to, a piece of history only a short drive away seems completely worth it, don’t you think? You can tour the castle at your own pace, browse in numerous gift shops and take in the culture of traditional Scotland. With views stretching out across the whole of Edinburgh, it’s like something out of a romcom, or a 19th century war movie, some people take it differently… 



Edinburgh is also home to the only zoo in the UK to host giant pandas! Edinburgh zoo is a fantastic day out for people of any age, who doesn’t want to watch a panda up close! You can grab a bite to eat and find the perfect gift for someone special in the gift shop, there is a huge range of animal related gifts including plushies, keyrings and even Lego models of your favourite zoo guest! William ended up taking home a Lego model of a red panda, he named it ‘Pabu’. 



After a day of exploration of the local area, you get the chance to come back, relax and unwind by the sea. An on park shop allows you to get all the ingredients you need to make the perfect meal while you stay at Pease Bay, whether it’s beans on toast or something fancier you’ll have all the facilities you’ll need to ensure you go to bed with a full belly and a smile on your face. 


So, when we ask you again what you think of when you dream of a beach holiday, we already know your answer, Pease Bay Leisure Park.


If you’re looking for a by the sea holiday then Pease Bay is the park for you, but did you know that Verdant Leisure offer a range of holiday types to suit everyone? We have action packed, escape & unwind, and boutique retreat holiday parks to make sure you have the holiday best suited for you! 


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