Glamping holidays, a or glamorous camping as it was once known, have risen in popularity in recent years and it’s no wonder why! You can enjoy the basic life without having to pitch your own tent, or getting too wet! In some cases, you can even enjoy the feel of camping with your own private bathroom!

  1. Get stuck in with the cooking

Our top tip for your glamping holiday is stick with the camping stove and make some delicious one pot meals. When you are glamping in locations like our camping pods at Riverside and Scoutscroft you’ll have a mini decking area, perfect for a few camping chairs and a camping stove! Of course fridge space is non-existent but a good cool box will keep your food chilled for a night or so.

  1. Take your friends

The best thing about glamping is you still get that communal campsite feel. Why not get a few friends together, hire a few glamping pods and spend time with the ones you love! You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll get to know each other all over again when you are enjoying the great outdoors together!

  1. Keep it simple

Remember, glamping pods aren’t huge and you won’t have the storage you find in caravans or lodges! Keep the packing to a minimum and you’ll manage just fine though, you don’t need those three extra outfits ‘just in case’. However, you might want to make sure your wardrobe is warm, especially for night time.

  1. Research your accommodation

Glamping holiday accommodation differs depending on location and operator. Although the accommodation looks the same on the outside, it can be very different on the inside. Our glamping pods at Riverside are empty shells offering you all the space to enjoy camping, just without the hassle of putting up a tent! However, our Scoutscroft camping pods come with beds, TV and heather. All you need to bring is bedding and your clothes. Other operators may provide bedding. All glamping locations should offer an inventory and give you an idea of what will be included. Research is key to knowing what to expect when you get to your location.

  1. Don’t forget the torch!

Your glamping accommodation will have lighting, but you still may need to find your way to the toilet block in the middle of the night! Not all glampsites have street lighting and whilst our parks do, it is low level so you are best to take your own torch.