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2024 Travel Trend Report


As we head into the new year, Verdant Leisure's second annual travel report highlights the key trends amongst consumers of staycations in the UK, including how many are looking to head on holiday in 2024, the locations they desire to visit the most, and the activities they want to participate in.

We carried out research that explores both industry and internal booking data to reveal the biggest travel trends for the coming year. The data revealed beach staycations, outdoor retreats, spring breaks and romantic getaways to be the most sought-after holidays for 2024.

Are Brits booking staycations in 2024?

The staycation boom has taken the UK by surprise over the past few years, and on average there are 10,000 monthly Google searches for staycations. The market shows no intention of slowing down, with nine in 10 (91%) respondents looking to go on a staycation next year, compared to 84% the year before. Despite ongoing concerns over the cost of living, more Brits are making sure they have time for R&R throughout the year.


Hoping to squeeze in a getaway, over half (55%) say they plan to take between one and two holidays in 2024, while only 8% are opting to take more than five holidays, spreading their staycations out across the year. While people might be finding some personal time, holidays won’t be extravagant in the next 12 months.


Holidaymakers are still being cautious with their money, as over two-thirds (69%) have a holiday budget of £100-400, keeping their holiday spending to a minimum. Almost two thirds (63%) seek good value for money when shopping around for their next getaway.


When thinking about how long their ideal holiday would be, one in three respondents said they are planning to take a one-week trip next year (32%), making it the most popular length of time to go away. Alternatively, over one in five (22%) are planning mini breaks into their calendars as three-night stays prove popular. Longer stays are out in 2024, with only 3% saying a two-week holiday is on the cards for next year.

Those with children often opt to book time off in the school holidays, and over the next year almost a quarter (24%) are still choosing to do so. However, it’s midweek staycations that are a top contender for Brits, with over a third (35%) avoiding the weekends when travelling next year.

Who to go with

The majority of holidaymakers are continuing to look for romantic getaways, as almost two thirds (63%) of respondents said they are most likely to book a UK holiday with their significant other next year. Couple holidays were also a favourite for 2023, and now a further 5% are jumping on the growing trend.

Alternatively, many Brits are opting for family getaways. One in five (20%) are taking their children when they go on holiday, hoping for more fun and action.

Despite solo travel seeing a huge increase in popularity on social media over the past few years, where staycations are concerned, only 2% are looking to travel alone in 2024.

Where are people travelling to?

Last year, the demand for travel to Scotland was at a high, with two in five (40%) respondents choosing the country as their most desired UK holiday destination. This year, 42% are hoping to travel up north, making it the most sought-after location for 2024. Not too far from the border, almost one in four (23%) have their eye on the Northeast.


The UK has one of the longest coastlines in Europe and almost three in five (59%) respondents chose coastal getaways as the most popular destination for domestic holidays next year. Whether it’s basking in sunshine or breathing in the fresh, sea breeze, Brits want to be close to the beach in 2024.

Escaping to nature

Two in five (40%) respondents say proximity to nature is important to them when choosing a holiday, whether that be residing near forests, beaches or country parks. Almost a quarter (24%) want to escape to the countryside, continuing the trend of embracing the outdoors for the next year.

Brits are also keen to find somewhere to settle down during their stay, rather than hopping between locations, with less than 1% wanting to embark on road trips in the future.


Embracing the changing of the seasons, two fifths (43%) of respondents said they would prefer to go away during spring. This past summer was wetter and milder than previous years, with spring providing more positive weather, so there is no surprise Brits are opting for spring holidays with just a third (34%) wanting to go at the height of summer. Only 5% would bother going away in the winter, the rest shying away from the cold, rain and snow.

Many holiday goers are looking forward to the great British caravan holiday, with almost half (47%) hoping to book a caravan stay next year, whilst almost two in five (39%) would rather make the upgrade to a lodge. Simplicity is key for Brits in 2024.

How do holidaymakers plan to spend their time?

A large portion of Brits are taking their pets on holiday with them again and want their pets to have just as much fun as they do. Last year we saw two in five (40%) say they wanted to go away with their furry friend compared to 42% this year, who are keeping an eye out for pet-friendly facilities when choosing their next UK holiday destination.


Some are looking to get a cultural experience out of their holidays. Almost three in five (57%) are interested in visiting landmarks, whilst almost two in five (38%) are keen on visiting national parks and exploring the stunning natural heritage the UK has to offer.


A portion of Brits also have a desire to get active next year, with over a third (34%) planning some hiking into their next trip. Two in five (40%) respondents hope to participate in more swimming while on holiday next year, as recent years have seen a surge in the wild swimming trend with around 7.5 million people already participating. Whether you are after a secure lido for the kids to play or a secluded waterfall to relax in, Brits are hoping to make a splash in 2024.


With many people already thinking about their next getaway, there can be benefits to securing one early on. If you’re yet to start the hunt for your 2024 staycation, check out our low deposit bookings on half term, Easter and summer holidays.

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