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6 Haunted Places to Visit in the UK

Alnwick Castle
Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle

Visit Riverside Leisure Park in Wooler, (Northumberland) for your cosy autumn break, and just a short drive away you will be fully immersed in the spooky vibe of ancient Alnwick Castle. Famously used as part of the set for the Harry Potter movie series, Alnwick has a rich and vibrant history with plenty of spooky vibes thrown in for good measure.
Families are guaranteed a fabulous day out at the castle, and those who enjoy a good ghost story won’t be disappointed.
There’s the tale of the deceased Master of the Castle who rose from his tomb in the night to prowl the streets of the town. Many people have spotted the spirit of the Grey Lady at Alnwick Castle. As the spooky story goes, a young teenage maid fell to her death down a service chute and, as if that wasn’t enough, she was crushed by a dumb waiter for good measure! To this day her spirit still roams the corridors and passages beneath the castle.

A75 road to Queensberry Bay

On your approach to Queensberry Bay along the A75, be mindful that you are on one of the world’s spookiest roads!
The A75 is a world-renowned paranormal hotspot, and is believed to be the most haunted road in Scotland. The A75 runs from Gretna in the east, to Stranraer in the west and is nicknamed ‘Scotland’s Ghost Road”!
As you drive along, watch out for eyeless spectres, grinning creatures in the trees, a bodiless pair of legs and don’t stop for any phantom hitchhikers!
A famous incident occurred in the 1960s when the Ferguson brothers witnessed many of strange happenings including a hen flying at their windscreen to ‘great cats, wild dogs, goats, more hens and other fowl, and stranger creatures’.
Whatever you do… make sure you make it safely back to the Sandpiper Café Bar for your evening meal!
Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle

Just 15 minutes away from Riverside Leisure Park is Chillingham Castle – known as britain’s most haunted castle. Here you can even stay over, and attend ghost tours and hunts. Home to some of the spookiest ghosts in the country, and the most chilling stories, this place is definitely worth a visit this Halloween!

Morte Point

Mortehoe is one of North Devon’s most beautiful spots, but it has a violent history, peppered with shipwrecks and murder.
Morte Point (‘Death Point’ in Latin – clue in the name!) was an infamous place where wreckers and smugglers would deliberately lure incoming ships directly into the rocks, selling any valuables they salvaged. It was illegal to take cargo if any of the sailors were still alive so wreckers would kill any survivors. One of the most notorious wreckers was Elizabeth Berry, who would ruthlessly drown sailors using a pitchfork, until her arrest in 1850.
The Morthoe Museum is worth a visit to find out more about the local area, and the numerous shipwrecks that occurred here.
Durham Cathedral
Durham Castle

Durham Castle

Durham Castle is home to various ghostly going-on’s from Jimmy Allen the Gypsy Piper who plays his Northumbrian pipes at Durham Castle past midnight. The Grey Lady of Durham Castle who reportedly fell down the black staircase in the 19th century is said to haunt the corridors. You can even take a tour of the staircase by Durham University students! Just 40 minutes drive from heHeather View, you can explore the hauntings of Durham.

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