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Introducing Verdant Valley Infusions

Discover our delicious tea range, bringing you brews and views.

With our curated collection of tea blends, you’ll find yourself transported to some of the most beautiful spots that the UK has to offer – leaving you thirsting to get out there and explore them for real.  
From the wild Highlands of Scotland to the rolling hills of Devon, this selection celebrates the staycation in true British style; with milk and sugar on the side. 
So get the kettle on. Your next adventure is about to begin.  

Wee Beastie, Scotland

With the perfect blend of spice and sweetness, oats and barley, and a finishing crack of black pepper, this bright little nipper captures the wild spirit of the enigmatic haggis.

Peat and Peak, Scotland

A smooth black tea spiked with spices, vanilla and malt to recreate the flavour of Scotland’s most beloved tipple, this peaty cuppa is sure to see you through the storm.

Lady Baillie, Scotland

Named for the woman who first wrote the recipe, this delicate white tea captures the moment Scottish tablet was created – blending creamy vanilla with toasted brown sugar to whip up a cosy and comforting hug in a mug.

Mother Goose, Northern England

When it’s cold outside and the day’s been long, Mother Goose will see you right. A smoky, earthy chai with notes of bay leaf, thyme and citrus, it’s a rib-sticker that’s sure to warm your cockles.

Devon's Delight

Cream first or jam? When it tastes this good, it’s hard to pick a side. Fresh-baked flavours of clotted cream and vanilla are perked up with vivid raspberry and bright bergamot to create a cuppa that’s a sweet treat of its own.

Experience the real thing

Get a real taste for our favourite UK destinations by visiting them yourself. There’s a lot to love about what the UK has to offer but with around 1.1million of us spending less time in nature*, we wanted to rejuvenate the British enthusiasm for exploration. Let's get our there...

In 2023 compared to 2022*

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