More and more people are opting to holiday in the UK, or have a staycation lately, and it’s easy to understand why! There are a huge number of benefits when it comes to taking a staycation, we’ve highlighted just 6 of them below

Save time and money

When you holiday in the UK there are a number of ways you will save time. First of all you don’t have to consider flight times, transport to and from airports and are less likely to encounter delays. Though the roads are occasionally busy in peak season and rush hour traffic doesn’t help, your journey is expected to take less time than going abroad.

Easier when travelling with children or pets

Image trying to entertain the kids on an 8 hour flight to the states. Or a 4 hour flight to eastern Europe after a 2 hour wait in the airport. That’s all after the hour or more in the car to get to the airport. It’s a long journey going anywhere with children, but with a staycation just a couple of hours away, with plenty of opportunities to stop on the way, things would definitely be easier! For even longer car journeys you could check out some great family attractions between home and your staycation location, giving the kids a great start to their holidays!

Dogs and other pets are welcome at all of our parks, so you don’t have to worry about finding a long term sitter or kennels for them. You also don’t have to stress about putting them into the hold on flights and not having them with you during travel.

No time difference

When visiting other regions or even countries in the UK, you don’t have to worry about a time difference. There’s no getting used to eating at a time that is different – a problem for most young children – or sleeping at a different time. What’s more, there’s no jet lag and little to no recuperation time is needed after your staycation! What could be better!

No language barrier

Staycations also usually do not require a new language to be learnt by any member of your party. There will be no language barrier when it comes to buying those little things you are oh so likely to have forgotten like shampoo, paracetamol, phone chargers. Also, planning an off the beaten track adventure? Don’t worry about getting lost and needing to ask for directions! The fact you are still in the UK also means you’ll be helping to support the UK Economy.

Attractions for everyone to enjoy

When catering for each family members needs, you need a little diversity. If you have one history buff, one beach bod surfer and a nature lover, you have to tick all those boxes. Thankfully, many places in the UK do! You’ll be able to find attractions, local events and more to keep everyone entertained at many of our parks in Scotland and Northern England, many with beaches less than 20 minutes away!

Quick breaks to fit any lifestyle

A staycation provides you with the best way to enjoy a quick break which fits into your lifestyle. Don’t have much annual leave? Visit a holiday park after work on Friday and come home Sunday night! Babysitting the grandkids at the weekend? Come on a quiet break Monday to Friday and be back in time for tea with them!

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What’s more, once you find a location you love to visit time and time again why not buy a holiday home there? A caravan or lodge of your own will save you even more money, give you amazing memories and give you a space to share with your family forever.