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Take an Insight into Ownership at Coldingham Bay


Peter & Catherine love being holiday home owners at Coldingham Bay, where they can enjoy quality time with friends and family, making memories at the beach, and birdwatching is their favourite! We asked them a few questions about their experience as an owner and what made them choose Coldingham Bay as their holiday home location!

Please tell us about yourself and who shares your holiday home.

We are Peter and Catherine and we used to own a motorhome.  We discovered Coldingham Bay whilst touring and fell in love with the area and then purchased a holiday home.  We love that our holiday home provides a getaway for all the family! When we used to own a motorhome, it was used exclusively by us two, but now our whole family can enjoy our holiday home.

What made you choose Coldingham Bay as your holiday home location?

We’ve had a 46 year love affair with Scotland! We’ve travelled all around the country, and we found this area by accident on our way back from a visit to Lossiemouth in 2018. We stumbled upon Coldingham and fell in love right away. It’s great for walks for all fitness abilities, the hills aren’t too steep, and the climate is better than other areas in Scotland.

What type of holiday home do you own and what made you choose this model?

When it came to choosing a holiday home, we really did our research. We wanted a home that was stylish and spacious and would stand the test of time. We chose the ABI Westwood which is perfect for us and our needs.

What is your favourite thing to do at Coldingham Bay?

When we come we like to do a variety of things! Our favourite things are walking, relaxing, sitting outside on our decking with a glass of wine, and having a meal with family and friends.  If our grandson is here, we take him to the beach and make memories. The area is also fantastic for birdwatching.

How have you found your experience as a Verdant Leisure owner?

Very positive.  Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, and we love that we are communicated with regularly with updates from the park. There is a real family feeling and the team is fantastic and very helpful.

Do you have a highlight of the last year to share?

Our highlight is our whole family being able to meet up in one place at our holiday home and spend precious time together.

Are you interested in owning a holiday home?  If so, contact 01890 771316 to speak to the park or click here to find out more!

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