We have raised over £730 for Scottish Wildlife Trust

Guests at three of our Scottish based parks have generously raised over £730 for the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

We ask guests to make a donation to the local wildlife trust during the booking process, to help preserve the stunning Scottish wildlife. Collectively, guests at Thurston Manor, Pease Bay and Viewfield Manor Leisure Parks raised over £730 last year which will be presented to the charity.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our guests who have kindly donated to the Scottish Wildlife Trust. Our parks are set in the heart of the stunning Scottish countryside so we often receive visits from wildlife enthusiasts and the Scottish wildlife itself! This has been a great way for us to continue protecting the wildlife for future generations.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust has managed over 120 wildlife reserves across Scotland for over 50 years in pursuit of its vision of healthy, resilient ecosystems across Scotland’s land and seas.