10 Eco Tourism Tips for your Verdant Leisure holiday


Our parks are surrounded by stunning coastal and countryside scenery. From lochs to waterfalls, mountains to beaches, whichever Verdant Leisure park you choose, you’ll be spoilt for choice for ways to get in touch with nature. Whilst holidaying with us, we’d love you to consider the environment and ways to be an eco-tourist, so we’ve put together our top 10 eco-tourism tips for you to travel responsibly on your next Verdant Leisure holiday…



  1. Choose us!

We’re accredited by the Green Tourism scheme, so you can rely on our parks to be one of the best places to stay with a high standard of green credentials. Our parks are currently Silver and Bronze, but we’d love to go for Gold!


  1. Spend time on park

There’s plenty to do on park, with fantastic facilities the whole family will love. You can enjoy a meal in one of our bar and restaurants, or take advantage of our swimming pools and gyms at selected parks. Staying on park reduces overcrowding at popular local attractions and beauty spots, and cuts transport costs and emissions.


  1. Reduce your carbon footprint

Consider how you’ll get to park, it’s often more eco friendly to get public transport, or if you’re coming with friends, why not car share? If you’ve got an electric vehicle, we have charging points at all of our parks!

  1. Use public transport

Once you arrive on park, why not try and travel by foot or bike? There are some local companies who hire bikes which can make it much simpler than trying to transport your own. For longer journeys, check out local bus companies and train routes, this can help ease road congestion and poor parking on smaller roads. You can get the train to Edinburgh for a day out from Thurston Manor, or explore the Weardale Railway when on holiday at Heather View.

  1. Try an off-peak break

Visiting us off-peak, or out of main school holidays is a great way to get a fantastic deal, as well as being able to enjoy a typically quieter park and local area experience! The roads tend to be quieter and local attractions are usually less busy.


  1. Get planning!

Make sure you sort your itinerary in advance. You’ll be able to make the most of your time on park and doing your research means you can find some hidden gems in and around the park. Plan your journeys and routes and see if you can factor in walking to places to reduce travel congestion in peak times.

  1. Leave no trace

No matter where you are, it’s really important to be aware of your surroundings and ensure you leave no trace. That could mean making sure you take all your rubbish home, or thinking twice before taking part in trends like love locks on bridges or stone stacking. Both of these can cause damage to eco systems and manmade structures over time.

  1. Visit some eco-tourism friendly spots

You can visit some eco-tourism friendly attractions local to our parks, like The Devil’s Porridge Museum near our Queensberry Bay Leisure Park. Or head to Glasgow for a day out whilst staying at Viewfield Manor and enjoy some fully organic, sustainable, and freshly prepared food at Locavore.

  1. Volunteer

As part of our Green Tourism scheme, we often hold events on park to give back to the local environment and community and we’d love your support! For example, at our coastal parks, we love to take part in beach cleans so if you’re on park, it would be amazing for you to get involved.


  1. Support local eco-tourism friendly companies

There’s endless things to do near our parks, so when planning your day out, make sure you check the green credentials of local companies to see if they’re eco-tourism friendly. Eco-tourism is the greatest way to enjoy the UK’s nature and cultural heritage.