5 Places to visit in the north east for Bridgerton vibes


Who else binge watched Bridgerton last year and now can’t wait for the second series release today? We’re huge fans of Bridgerton, not just the storyline, or the outfits but we LOVE the locations. We’ve put together 5 places to visit in the north east to truly get your Bridgerton on, and guess what, they’re all close to our parks! So get out for the day, frolick around the gardens with your loved ones and explore these places for ultimate Bridgerton vibes.


  1. Alnwick Garden

Alnwick Gardens

One of the show’s hallmarks are the perfectly pristine gardens on every episode. You’re guaranteed to feel like royalty walking around Alnwick Gardens. Just an hour away from Riverside Leisure Park, you can explore the grounds of Alnwick Garden, stippled in beautiful flowers.


  1. Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle

Just over a 10-minute drive from Riverside Leisure Park, you can explore Chillingham Castle. From the outside it truly feels like you’re stepping onto the Bridgerton filming set, but from the inside its home to some terrifying ghosts and history. There’s a reason this place is named Britain’s most haunted castle!


  1. Blanchland Village

Blanchland Village

Step back in time to Blanchland Village – with not a modern store in sight, you can walk around this stunning quaint village and truly feel like part of the Bridgerton era. Located just a short 10 minute drive from Heather View Leisure Park. Blanchland has earned its title as one of the prettiest villages in England and is referred to as ‘the fairy tale in the fells’ could it sound more perfect?


  1. South Causey Inn

Afternoon Tea

A Bridgerton pastime is definitely Afternoon Tea, so indulge in a favourite British tradition with afternoon tea at South Causey Inn. With delicious food and an even better atmosphere, enjoy an afternoon of leisure in stunning surroundings. Located 40 minutes drive from Heather View Leisure Park, South Causey Inn is well worth a visit to feel like a real Bridgerton.


  1. Spend a leisurely afternoon playing Croquet!


A Bridgerton classic is a game of croquet, get yourself down to Durham Croquet Club and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in true Bridgerton style and play a game or two. Take it one step further and dress for the occasion! Located just 40 minutes drive from Heather View, if you’re a Bridgerton fan, playing a game of Croquet is a must!